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Ehlane Plains - ‘wilderness’ in Zulu - is a worthy memorial to Nas, a man who persevered to find the ideal place to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ the bush. Whether it’s sleeping under the stars or following predators in their constant cycle of hunt, feed and sleep, Ehlane Plains will remain with you forever.

Ehlane Plains Camp

Serengeti National Park (Namiri Plains), semi-permanent, all year round (Maasai Wanderings)

The Camp is in the Soit le Motonyi region, previously a leopard sanctuary, which was opened to the public only recently.  It is remote and authentic and far from the busy Serengeti transit areas, making Ehlane Plains feel unspoilt, silent, remote and truly luxurious.

This wildlife-filled pocket is where your magic begins.  The area teems with prides of lions, roaming cheetahs, large packs of hyena and leopards confidently striding through their ranges – offering an unsurpassed display of predator activity. It’s also a paradise for herbivores with its acacia woodlands and great savannahs, and when carnivore meets herbivore on the open plain, it’s time to rumble.

You will feel at home at Ehlane. A day spent in the camp, enjoying the hospitality of the affable and gracious staff and the gourmet food created by the diminutive chef makes Ehlane Plains a destination in itself.



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