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Do you yearn for vistas and experiences that will truly ignite your soul? Is there a 'missing' link within you that calls to be attended to? Spend a few days within Samara’s magnetic and brilliant ethos, experience the heartbeat of the wilderness and recharge your senses.

Samara Private Game Reserve

Graaff Reinet, Eastern Cape.

Spanning 70,000 acres of Great Karoo wilderness in South Africa’s heartland, Samara Private Game Reserve offers a Big 5 safari with a difference. Consisting of 11 former livestock farms assembled since 1997, Samara’s vision is nothing less than the rehabilitation of an entire landscape spanning millions of acres. Key to the Samara experience is the concept of co-creation, where every guest plays a role in safeguarding the landscape in perpetuity.

The wilderness itself is unique – an unexpected and diverse semi-arid paradise of mountains and grasslands, where thousands of wild animals, from lion to elephant to springbok, roam once more. A total of 26 guests at any one time are invited to join this conservation journey, a guest to land ratio almost unparalleled in Africa.

Marvel at the graceful cheetah as this endangered species ambles across the plains. Discover the secrets of this astonishing ecosystem as you traverse its diverse scenery. Engage with a passionate team dedicated to leaving this world a better place. Watch the sun set over the craggy mountain tops, painting the sky pink and gold. The Milky Way unfettered by man-made light will seem within touching distance from your open-air star bed.

A spectacular destination for discerning travellers seeking a holiday with purpose and genuine hospitality, Samara offers a safari for the soul. One guest summed it up perfectly: ‘You may leave, but a part of you will always remain at Samara.’



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