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If you truly want to explore the Okavango Delta, and the wildlife that live in and around it, join us on a boating safari. We offer guided mobile boating safaris from the top to the bottom of the Okavango Delta, while staying on uninhabited islands either along the way or for the entire duration of one of our shorter trips.

Boating Safaris

Botswana, Okovango Delta

Most of our trips pass through the world-famous Moremi Game Reserve, where opportunities abound for amazing bird sightings as well as hippos, elephants and some of the larger mammals and predators that call this area home. It is only when you have been up close and personal with what, at a distance, appears to be a large, smooth boulder, until it suddenly immerses itself only to reappear as a beady-eyed, honking, wheezing hippo, that you will feel that rush of adrenaline as you face what is considered the most dangerous animal in Africa. Join us on some of the most remote regions and islands in the Delta and its plethora of waterways alive with game.



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